Get your outdoor space ready for summer!

Summer is around the corner and as we get ready to enjoy barbeques and picnics outdoors, we may be missing an important factor in all the excitement, the outdoor space! It's time to put all those pins to use and create a patio, deck, backyard you've always dreamed of! 

Consider these tips when you're beginning your outdoor project! 

Use furniture that can withstand weather such as teak, powder coated aluminum, and  cement.

Create a covered area to provide you with shade on those hot summer days and to keep you dry on those rainy winter evenings. 

Shaded patio.png

Accessibility is key in creating a space that is an extension to your home. 


Have good landscaping! It would be a tragedy if your outdoor space didn't have good landscaping. Be sure to keep in line with the interior and architectural design elements of your home. Add lighting to enhance the landscaping at night which also provides a great ambiance in the evenings. 


Don't have a green thumb? Not a problem, try adding a water feature in your outdoor space. This will provide a very clean modern look while creating a Zen relaxation retreat. This way you don't have to worry about keeping those flowers and plants alive throughout the year! 

Don't forget the fire pit! This is a key feature to any outdoor space. You'll be able to curl up next to the fire enjoying the company of friends and family or even a good book while taking in the freshness of nature. 

Fire pit.jpg