Men's secret fascination with design

Most men will shun the thought of going shopping for home décor items. Yet they all seem to have strong opinions on what should be in a master bedroom! There’s a stereotype that design is feminine, especially in the bedrooms. This is a false assumption. Bedrooms can be masculine. In fact the best designs are usually masculine! Here are some tips on keeping that masculinity in your bachelor pad with style. 


This is like choosing a fine whiskey, it sets the tone for the space. Sticking with grays and browns will keep in line with the manly look most men are aiming for.

Grey wall.png
Grey walls with Animal print.jpg


Typography sample - society6.png

Art plays a huge role in the design of any space. Instead of going for the whimsical paintings try some typography. It has clean sharp lines that will enhance the masculinity of the space. If typography isn’t your thing, try animal imagery, this of course aids in the “strong man” idea! Surreal photography is also great!



There are several options when it comes to lighting. My favorite choice in keeping a space masculine is using industrial lighting. It’s all about the function people.

Industrial lighting - Rejuvination.png


Now I know most of you are thinking of some girly paper that has flowers and sparkle on it. But no! Wallpaper can add depth and texture to the space; you just have to know which one to choose!

Wallpaper - Romo Black Edition.png
Wallpaper close up.png



When choosing pieces to go in the space think about minimalism. A little can go a long way. Choose things like modern leather chairs, a bed with a reclaimed wood headboard, industrial lights, and nightstands that are functional. It’s all about the proper selection of items when put together.


Screen Shot 2014-03-07 at 12.38.38 PM.png

You don’t have to shy away from using patterns when you’re a guy. Patterns like plaid, chevron, and geometric are well suited for a masculine room. Think of a fine men’s suit!